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Music can change the world  

We all live on a planet and must protect it.
There is no second earth, we only have this place to live.
Time is short and we are becoming more and more people, it is time that we all work together. 
All peoples of the earth must have a vision, a vision of peace with our nature. 
We try to create a common and sustainable life with our music.  

Music is the language of God. 
By downloading just a single song, you can help us to realize our vision. 

Join our ashram and support our vision by downloading a single song.  

We thank you!
Ashram is an European – Indian Rockband. The musicians come from Germany, India and Austria.
They played many tours in Europe (primary Germany and Austria) and in India. The project was founded in 2004.
Ashram played around 100 worldwide concerts, produced two albums and made professional music videos.
The 2nd album titled „prison without walls“ was produced in Los Angeles (USA) by Thom Russo a 16 – times grammy award winner! Thom Russo produced Bands like Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Audioslave, System of a down.
The philosophy
Sounds of Indian tablas mixed with guitar riffs, mystic sitar tones and Far East voices embedded in fundamentally western rock grooves – aka “Oriental Rock”, the unique sound of Indian European fusion.
The band
The band Ashram came together when Austrian guitarist Boris Seidl travelled to India in 2004 and met Ajaya Gopi (Takil & Indian folks instruments). Fascinated by the sound they were creating during jam sessions, they started to envision a cross-continental band. One year later, they have already toured across Europe for seven weeks, with a huge rock event as the finale.
Adrian Müller – Bass and Double Bass / Germany
Elmar Lappe – Drums / Germany
Jörg Niedderer - Keybaord / Germany
Anu Praveen – Indian Vocals / Kerala (India)
Ajaya Gopi – Indian Percussion / Kerala (India)
Hari Krishnamoorthy – Tabla & Mridangram / Kerala (India)
Manuel Seidl – western Vocals / Austria
Boris Seidl – Guitar and Sitar / Austria
Studio and additional musicians:
German Schwarz – Drums /
Christian Cermak - Keyboard
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