New Single - The Game

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New Single - The Game

Today we release the second song of our new album, dedicated to the book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

Eternal Thirst was written about the first chapters of the book.

The game has just started, although you may not even know it. Welcome, no this is not Monopoli where it's all about fake money. It is the game of life.
White starts, then black, then white, then black, white, black, white, black, back and forth. Better think twice and then touch.
Shit I made a mistake, let's start again. Unfortunately this is not possible, no mistakes are forgiven in this game.

(Picture by pixabay)
Some play cheatingly, others play openly, however, over the period of time, usually those who play with open cards lose. So find your personal strategy. Present yourself as the winner, smile and shine. But who feels as a winner has already lost.
Ah, you are looking for love in this game? What, you don't want to play? You have to play, it's the game. Okay, you can find love in this game, but don't forget that the queen is the strongest character in the game.
The weak king feels an inner fulfillment to his queen of love, where nothing else can follow. The rules of the game say that love cannot have an expiration date. If you start to love in this game, you have not lost the game, but then you are in a stalemate position.
However, the stalemate position is the actual victory of the game because there can be no winners in the game. So you can feel like a winner even though you didn't win.

The new single The Game is about the chapter Samsara! "They were no longer a game or a trifle to him." (Quote from the book Siddhartha, chapter Sansara) - Our song is about this game, the game of life turning and turning again, of success, defeat and the ever turning wheel of life.

The Indian lyrics on this album are in Sanskrit!

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