Ashram presents new album cover

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Ashram presents new album cover

Published by Boris Seidl in Siddhartha · 2 June 2023
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We are still working on the third Ashram album. Forming a band is easy, keeping a band together is difficult. Getting a cross-continental band like Ashram in line and producing songs together is a huge challenge.
Nevertheless, we keep working and trying our best that we can release the best Ashram album as soon as possible.
Today we are pleased to present the new Ashram cover. The artist Albert Pattiselanno has designed a fantastic cover.
Inspired by the grandeur of the 7 chakras, the powerful energy centers within our bodies associated with different aspects of our being. I created a captivating album cover that visually represents the harmonious balance and spiritual transformation embodied by the chakras, combining vibrant colors, sacred symbols, and intricate patterns, says Albert Pattiselanno.
We are very grateful to Albert, that he as a graphic designer got deeply involved with our music and designed a top album cover for us.

Thank you Albert!

Artificial intelligence is a dominating media topic at the moment, we asked ChatGPT about our new album if it could write us a text.

Here is the output of ChatGPT:

"Album Title: Siddhartha's Awakening: A Fusion of Cultures
Genre: Indian-European Fusion Rock
Album Concept:
The concept album "Siddhartha's Awakening: A Fusion of Cultures" by the Indian-European rock band Ashram is a musical exploration of the spiritual journey depicted in Hermann Hesse's novel. With 18 songs, the album combines the diverse musical styles and cultural influences of both India and Europe to capture the essence of Siddhartha's transformative quest.
Call of the Soul
Rivers of Destiny
Seeking the Truth
Divine Encounters
Illusions of the Material World
Dance of Liberation
Serenity in Solitude
Ascetic's Path
Lotus Dreams
Embracing Love and Desires
Shadows of Temptation
Wheel of Life
Beyond Time and Space
Dark Night of the Soul
Resurgence of Light
Blissful Nirvana
Epilogue: Embracing Enlightenment
Musical Style:
Ashram, the Indian-European rock band, will infuse their signature fusion rock style with elements of Indian classical music. The instrumentation will include electric guitars, tabla, sitar, keyboards, bass, drums, and violin to create a captivating and unique sonic landscape. The music will blend rock elements with meditative sounds to reflect Siddhartha's transformation and spiritual journey.
The lyrics of the songs will be inspired by the central themes of "Siddhartha," exploring the search for self-realization, the pursuit of truth, and the experience of suffering and happiness. The lyrics will be predominantly in English, with occasional verses in Sanskrit, evoking a sense of poetic depth and philosophical ideas from the book.
Visual Concept:
The visual concept of the album will draw inspiration from the cultural aesthetics of India, incorporating elements of Indian art, traditional patterns, and symbolic imagery related to Siddhartha's spiritual journey. The album cover and artwork will feature a fusion of visual elements from both Indian and European cultures, visually representing the blending of musical styles.
"Siddhartha's Awakening: A Fusion of Cultures" is an extraordinary concept album by the Indian-European rock band Ashram. With 18 songs that blend the musical traditions of India and Europe, the album tells the story of Siddhartha's spiritual awakening. Through the fusion of rock and Indian music, Ashram creates a unique sonic experience that invites listeners to embark on their own transformative and introspective journey. The album transcends boundaries, offering a harmonious fusion of cultures and musical genres."

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